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women's rights are human rights

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

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On June 5, we started our series of listening sessions with Haitian women-led organizations. We had such a wonderful dynamic opportunity to listen and learn from our partners as they continue to work in the most challenging situations. And yet, they stay committed. Cheers to them!

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The organizations included: community organization REFKAD in Carrefour; CHF-L’hôpital Fontaine in Cite Soleil; Economic Development organization AFLIDEPA in Limonade; and Nadej House in Jacmel which provides safe housing for survivors of violence. The sessions will continue through the Fall.

We also attended the Haiti Development Institute Haiti Funders Conference sponsored by Ayiti Demen, FOKAL and Kellogg. It was a great opportunity to inform our strategic planning process as we look to launch a Fund for Haitian Women in 2025. Carine Jocelyn, HWC Founder, also led a dynamic conversation on women and girls. Participants addressed how we want Haitian women and girls to thrive, highlighted needs and gaps while also having the philanthropic sector engage in reflection.

Haiti Funders Conference | photo | HWC
Pictured left to right Haitian economist Kesner Pharrell, Emmanuella Douyon, activist and Founder of Politicite’, Regine Polynice, HDI board member and Louis Herns Marcelin, Director of Lakou Lapé

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Policy Corner

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Our Project in Aquin which provided emergency funding to address post-earthquake needs in the South of Haiti is coming to an end. We were happy to support this project with partner Foundation Toya to focus on girls empowerment, increased access to sexual and reproductive health. We had legal services through Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) who have expanded their reach outside of Port au Prince with this project by hiring a female lawyer. With a focus on economic development 5 women were provided with funds to start their own businesses after participating in entrepreneurship training workshops. Congratulations to these dedicated organizations!

 Girls opportunity Alliance

GIRLS OPPORTUNITY ALLIANCE PROJECT Our girls in Petit Goave and Dondon are closing out their school year. This also brings to a close our first year of the project which allowed 20 girls to finish their 3rd year of high school. Programming by organizations Community2Community and ODID allowed the girls, their parents and the community overall to learn more about girls empowerment and leadership development. We wish the girls, their families and communities a safe and enjoyable summer!

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Consider making a tax-deductible, meaningful donation specifically marked for the girls.

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