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We Listen to Women

“I always hold dear the idea of sisterhood, especially among feminist activists, as it serves as a strong bond between women.” – HWC Convening Attendee

What we are Learning from Organizational Leaders in our HWC Network

Since June, the Haitian Women’s Collective team has met with over 20 women-led organizational leaders who are based throughout Haiti. We took the time to listen and gather information while also thinking about the future of the Collective. Last year we announced that we are working to develop a separate entity, The Fund for Haitian Women. Part of that process is also developing a strategic plan to allow us to take all that we have learned and develop the values, strategies and objectives of this new fund, which will launch next year.

Two months ago in New York City we invited Haitian women leaders for 2 days of networking, sharing strategies and sisterhood. We had no idea how amazing it would be to come together and celebrate each woman, our individual achievements, experiences and also use the opportunity to learn more about women and girls empowerment, the Intersectionality of gender and climate, economic development, governance, and of course, philanthropy. We see the 2024 year as an opportunity to continue our related activities and leverage our work, continuing to do the best we can for the women and their respective communities in our beloved Haiti.

The best is yet to come! Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Prosperous New Year!

The HWC Team

“We need a common agenda, to put care at the heart of our advocacy and to take care of ourselves.”  – HWC Convening Attendee


Addressing violence against women, Survivors and Communities

In 2023, the organization ODID led an initiative to train women leaders of 5 organizations in the northern region of Haiti. This was the launch to their emergency safe housing initiative through HWC  funding. Last month the Executive Director, Yanick Eveillard shared highlights, challenges and strategies that can be shared with others in the ongoing fight for equality of women.  

Another partner of HWC, Neges Mawon recently announced the opening of Maison Claire-Heureuse: Centre d’accueil dans le département de l’Ouest pour des femmes et filles survivantes de violences. We applaud their continued efforts and wish them continued success in this new endeavor which also provides economic development in partnership with the company TISAKSUK.

Policy Corner

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Arturo Kaduu

Arturo Kaduu

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