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Virtual Panel Next Steps & Save the Date

Thank You for joining us for our First policy conversation on international women’s day


While we missed the presence of Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, we recognize her unyielding efforts to support Haiti’s future, we still heard from three great panelists:

Franciscka Lucien, Executive Director of The Institute for Justice and Democracy; Gabrielle Apollon, Haiti Project Deputy Director
& Supervising Attorney at NYU’s Global Justice Clinic; and Guerline Jozef, Executive Director of Haitian Bridge Alliance.


This administration spoke about democracy and made a commitment to Haiti. Now is the time.…We want real and concrete evidence to make elections free, fair and inclusive.” — Gabrielle Apollon

The inhumane deportations need to stop, and all immigrants should have access to due process. Be the voice that others cannot be for themselves.”— Guerline Jozef

“We need to understand the problems in Haiti before we come up with solutions. ‘How did we get here? Stand in solidarity….’ Haiti’s voices should be prioritized. We don’t need to speak on their behalf.”
 Franciscka Lucien

Actionable Next Steps

Learn more about the issues by following and supporting the organizations that participated on the panel:

Consider contacting your local legislator and share your concerns about Haiti, especially the inhumane deportations, the current increasing violence and the need for effective policies aligned with empowering Haiti as a sovereign State.

Stay in touch with the HAITIAN WOMEN’S COLLECTIVE and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Save the Date: April 7

Join the HEALTH IN HAITI conversation on World Health Day
as part of our HWC LUNCH & LEARN Series. Our HWC members will share their diverse healthcare initiatives, success, challenges, etc.
More Details to Come

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Arturo Kaduu

Arturo Kaduu

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